List Of Online Payday Lenders In Las Vegas, NV


****Last Revised– 5/22/2024****

Recent state regulations have forced a few companies to shut down their online lending operations. This includes many local lenders offering online payday loans in Las Vegas. With that, Nevada still ranks as one of the best states to live in if you need an online loan. Check back with us throughout the year, as more companies should be lending again soon.


These Direct Lenders Provide Online Payday Loans In Nevada:


Max Lend
Max Lend is an online lender that claims to offer an alternative to payday loans. Nevada residents can be approved for online loans of $200 or more, and borrowers can receive cash by the next business day. When you apply, you need to provide a verified source of income and show proof of an open and active checking account.


My Payday Loan
MyPaydayLoan is an online lender that’s offered payday loans in Nevada for years. Per their website, they offer the largest loan amounts in Las Vegas and never require bank statements for loans under $400. Also, they recently streamlined their online application system. As a result, MyPaydayLoan claims that Nevada residents are now more than twice as likely to see approval for an online loan. Bad credit won’t be an issue, but you can’t have any active cash advances in default to qualify for a loan. Applicants also need a valid checking account as they won’t accept a savings account.


Cash USA
Cash USA is an online payday loan company with a strong presence in Las Vegas. They claim they won’t run a credit check and will generally qualify you for an online loan if you have a checking account and take home at least $1,500 a month. Also, they say you won’t need to fax in any information when you apply for a payday loan or an online installment loan. Nevada residents can expect loan amounts up to 25% of their gross monthly income, and your loan term will range from 35-90 days.


Loan Center
They are a direct lender in Nevada that offers online personal loans of $2,500 to $4,000 with a flexible payoff term of 6 months to 2 years. To qualify, you must show a fair to good credit score of around 640 and proof of monthly income of $3k. Loan Center will check your credit when you apply, but the initial inquiry will never affect your credit score.


Blue Trust Loans
They offer online installment loans of $100 to $2,500 for Nevada citizens. These online personal loans are often issued with a 6-month payment term of weekly or monthly payments. Local citizens can qualify for a loan with a recent employment income history. They will also require direct deposit that goes into a bank account. Returning customers can also be eligible for their Club Blue Rewards Program.


Are you looking for more money than what a typical online loan offers? You should consider applying for an online personal loan if you have decent credit. One of the largest online loan sites in Nevada is Fast Loans. With this type of loan, you request a larger cash amount (usually 1k to 10k in Nevada, depending on the lender). You can also get a lower interest rate when compared to a traditional payday advance.


Opploans is a lender that recently started providing online installment loans in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. Their minimum loan amount is $1,000. Qualified borrowers can choose a payoff term of up to 36 months. You can improve your credit score with Opploans as they report monthly payments to the credit bureaus. Opploans offers lower interest rates than traditional cash advances and online payday loans.


Check Into Cash
Check Into Cash may be the largest direct payday lender in the country. For over a decade, they’ve provided online payday and title loans with competitive rates and the most straightforward online application process in Nevada. They’re funding online loans up to $1,000 for first-time applicants. Check Into Cash has no physical cash advance locations in Las Vegas, but all residents can apply online or over the phone. You must have a valid checking account open for at least 90 days to be approved.


Check City
Check City offers short term online payday loans and retail loans in Nevada. They have offices throughout the state and have provided cash advances to Nevada residents since 1989. Their online payday advances will range from $100 to $2,500 for Nevada consumers. Your loan payoff term cannot exceed 35 days, and the loan amount cannot exceed 25% of your gross monthly income. Their online loans have low fees and reasonable payoff times, even with poor credit or past delinquencies.


Loan by Phone
LoanbyPhone is a state licensed direct lender that provides online payday loans of up to $1,500 in Nevada. You can complete the application entirely online at your own pace. But, as their name says, you can also call in and have someone walk you through the application and underwriting process.


Are you running into problems getting approval for a cash advance loan? Many cash advance companies on this page may not lend to consumers in Nevada with bad credit. If you need other options or can’t find a bad credit lender, check out Online Lender Network. They work with payday lenders offering loans between $200 and $1,000 for Las Vegas, NV applicants.


Upstart Personal Loans
Upstart funds direct loans of $2,000 and higher with an APR of 12-36%. An Upstart installment loan is not your best option if you have bad credit. Las Vegas residents will need decent credit to complete a loan transaction with them—terms with Upstart range from 24 months to 36 months. There’s never a pre-payment penalty for borrowers who want to repay the loan sooner.


Highway Title Loans
Highway Title Loans is a company that offers same day car title loans to Nevada consumers. These types of loans differ from payday loans, as you use the collateral from a car, truck, or SUV. However, most candidates for a payday loan can also qualify for a title loan, as there’s no need for good credit if you own a vehicle! Loan amounts are high with a secured loan and can be well over $5,000 for borrowers in Las Vegas or Reno.


MoneyTree has been providing cash in Vegas for the past decade. Based on their site data, it seems they have a very high approval rate for Las Vegas consumers. This lending company claims to have more payment options and lower finance charges than other Las Vegas lenders and financial institutions. They feature instant cash wired to your account upon application approval. Contact them through their website or phone for more information on their current lending terms and APR.


Payday Loans Las Vegas
Payday Loans Las Vegas has a quick approval process for Nevada consumers regardless of whether they have credit difficulties or no credit. They offer online payday loans near me and installment loans that max out at $3,000. They are members of the Online Lender Alliance with access to same-day cash advance options and an automated online application. Once approved, you can get cash fast by direct deposit or load it on a prepaid card.


MoneyLion is a nationwide lender of low-interest signature loans to Nevada residents with fair to good credit. These loans range from $1,000 to $20,000, and you can expect a payoff term of 1 to 3 years with an interest rate as low as 10%. Unlike a typical payday loan, MoneyLion uses your past credit history and revolving debt amounts to determine the financial terms in Las Vegas, NV.


MoneyTree has been providing cash in Vegas for the past decade. Based on their site data, it seems they have a very high approval rate for Las Vegas consumers. This lending company claims to have more payment options and lower finance charges than other Las Vegas lenders and financial institutions. Contact them through their website for more information on their current lending terms and APR.


CashNet has provided online payday loans for years and has around a dozen storefront locations in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas. Nevada residents can borrow up to $2,000; your loan will be due anywhere from 7 to 35 days out. You can extend your payment term to 60 days after the due date. Cashnet has a promotion in place for local customers. Use code “A15CASH” anytime through May 2024 for 15% off your initial underwriting fees.


Cash Central
Cash Central is a longtime payday lender licensed to offer payday and installment loans in Nevada. They have an easy 3-step phone or online application process for a cash advance of $250 to $1,500. The final loan amount will be based on your individual needs and underwriting. The payoff term can be no shorter than seven days and no longer than 35 days. Use code “FB1020” in 2024 to get 20% off fees.



Payday loans in Las Vegas, NV

Getting a payday loan in Las Vegas or anywhere throughout Nevada is very simple. First, you must ensure that unsecured loans are your best choice during a financial crisis. Always consider a bank loan or borrow money from someone you know before you take out a payday loan.


A lender will require the following information when you first apply

Valid ID such as a driver’s license or state ID
Contact number and physical address in the state of Nevada
Proof of income and employment information(this will often be verified)
Bank details such as checking account information(for direct deposit)


Loan amounts with an online payday loan in Las Vegas, NV

Payday loan amounts range from $300 to $4,000 in Nevada. Get a higher loan amount from installment loans in Las Vegas where applicable.


Why work with Nevada Payday Lenders

Nevada Payday Lenders can help you find the best short-term lender for any financial situation, whether that’s a payday loan provider in your neighborhood or an online company that offers loans throughout the state. As you would see with one direct lender, we’re not locked into one specific interest rate or payoff term. You can compare loan options and payments that best fit your budget and needs. Apply with any company listed in our directory or call 702-605-0371 to get matched with a direct payday lender over the phone.


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