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You can use our site to find the best resources regarding payday loans Las Vegas and all throughout the state of Nevada for that matter.  We only list online lenders that actively loan money to consumers who live in Las Vegas.  Over the past few years, Nevada has taken some broad steps to reign in lenders that provide online payday loans.  There were numerous complaints coming in from all across the state. Many of these complaints were centered in densely populated areas for obvious reasons. These new regulations are intended to cap borrower loan amounts and limit the total of short-term loans and installment loans. This also caps the extensions a consumer can have at any one time.  However, as of 2017 there is still no limit on the amount that can be loaned.  In fact, you can still go to a payday loan location throughout the state and literally get any amount of money that someone is willing to give you. This means direct payday loan lenders can pretty much charge whatever they want when it comes to fees and interest.   So you need to be sure you go with a reputable lender if you intend to apply for a cash advance.
Nevada Payday Loan Regulations state that a payday loan can not exceed 25% of the applicants expected gross monthly income.  Keep in mind, this applies to citizens all over the state. Not just citizens in Las Vegas or Reno! So If a borrower requests an extension on paying back a payday loan, that extension can only be granted out for 60 days beyond the initial due date.  Another thing to remember is that in Nevada a borrower has the legal right to rescind a payday loan within one business day of when the loan was granted.  Lastly, the borrower has the legal right to pay back a loan in full without any additional charges or fees. At this time there is no limit when it comes to the finance charge a Las Vegas based lender or an online lender can assess on an average 14 day payday loan. We expect this rule may change as we head into the later part of 2017.
As with most states there aren’t as many companies in Nevada as there used to that fund online payday loans and installment loans.  Many companies that claim to be direct lenders are actually non-direct lenders.  They don’t lend money and they don’t make and underwriting decisions when it comes to your payday loan. Unlike a direct lender, they probably have now idea what the laws and restrictions are when it comes to payday loans Las Vegas or Nevada for that matter! These companies are simply payday loan matching services that will take your information and attempt to sell it to multiple companies.  That’s why it very important to deal with only direct lenders.  You will not only save time and money but you have the assurance of knowing exactly where your information is being sent.
At Nevadaypaydaylenders, we try to list and document all the direct lenders that are currently offering online payday loans to consumers that live in Las Vegas. While we primarily focus on Las Vegas payday loans, that doesn’t mean we’ve neglected the entire state of Nevada. Simply put, Las Vegas is a large area and there are many people searching for a cash advance or installment loan. The good thing is that most online payday loans that are available in metro areas are also available in any other part of Nevada. This may not look like a comprehensive list but keep in mind these are only direct payday loan lenders.  Also, the direct payday lenders listed here are only online lenders. We obviously don’t list the retail locations as there are literally hundreds of payday loan stores in Las Vegas alone! You can do a search online for payday loans in most large cities and come up with dozens within any square mile. We make no claims or warranties regarding the quality of service you will receive from the direct lenders listed on our site.  However, these companies have all been in business for quite a while and process thousands of direct payday loans a year for Nevada consumers.  This list will be updated every week.  If you see a direct payday lender or installment loan company that’s missing from this list don’t hesitate to contact us so we can update our database! Also, keep in mind we only list companies that have an online presence in Nevada. As we mentioned earlier, there are many payday lenders in Las Vegas metro, but we generally will not list companies who don’t have an online presence.

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